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04.03.08 — The Taylor Home

04.03.08 — The Wolfson Home

Larry and Debra Wolfson had searched for a long time for a home site on which the could design and build their retirement home in Ashland, and were very surprised when they fell in love with an existing 1910 Craftsman  home in Ashland, that needed only a few elements modified to make it what they wanted for their lifestyle. With relatively...
03.25.08 — Animal Medical Hospital

03.25.08 — Paddington Station

05.24.08 — Wolfson Home Featured in Garden Tour
Water pours down in glass-like sheets over four finely crafted rockwork steps, flanked by understated, drought-resistant native plants surrounding a patio where the owners retire each warm evening with a glass of wine and maybe a book and enter into something of a paradise
Over the last three years, Larry and Debra Wolfson have reshaped a previously overgrown, virtually inaccessible (and steep) backyard on Ashland's Almond Street. The yard is now a showpiece, and will be featured during this year's Ashland Spring Garden Tour, hosted June 1 by the local American Association of University Women. Built in...