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04.03.08 — The Wolfson Home

Larry and Debra Wolfson had searched for a long time for a home site on which the could design and build their retirement home in Ashland, and were very surprised when they fell in love with an existing 1910 Craftsman  home in Ashland, that needed only a few elements modified to make it what they wanted for their lifestyle.

With relatively minor changes to the buildings original footprint along with much needed upgrading and refurbishing, their home was quite wonderfully transformed.  Their desire to also create outside living spaces lead to the design of the major transformation of what was an up to that time unusable rear hillside yard, to a beautiful and graciously designed series of patios, waterfalls, spa area, and steps up and to the sites upper most level where Larrys new furniture making shop sits and overlooks the house and grounds.

All construction was meticulously carried out so as to preserve the original intent of that style, as well as to reinforce and upgrade the many aspects the home that the years had worn and weathered.  The finished product blends flawlessly the new with the existing to a beautiful and useful end.